Portfolio - Business

Premiere Guarantee (rooves)

The first of two videos to promote Premiere Guarantee services focused on the roofing aspect of their construction. These videos both show prospective buyers what to expect in terms of quality assurance about the house they are investing in.

Premiere Guarantee (floors)

The second of the Premiere Guarantee videos focused on the floor aspect of their construction work. The videos are for online use for potential buyers to view.


To promote their new pay tag service Barclaycard commissioned a short advert to be included in an online campaign.

Malta Trailer

This was a short trailer to help promote tourism to Malta. It also explored the possibility of making a mass participation event there in the future.

MI Finance

A short website video produced for Mann Island Finance - the UK's leading Motor Finance Intermediary. The advert includes Ricky Tomlinson, who injects some light comic relief.

Brouhaha International

I shot and edited this promotion for the Brouhaha International festival in Liverpool, which features local, national and international street performers.

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