Portfolio - Community

Play For Time

A short film entirely written, designed and storyboarded by the members of Unity Youth Theatre themselves. The storyline is based on a youth theatre that faces closure in the light of property redevelopment and funding cuts. We facilitated the workshops and gave technical advice as well as teaching all aspects of film making.

45 Seconds and Counting

A film written by Illy with members of the Kuumba Imani Centre youth group. It's the usual humdrum life style on the estate - they do the usual things all teenagers do, get drunk, get high and have fun. It's a daily chore of having to attend School, it's a drag, it gets in the way. These kids live for the night. Something has to give...


A play exploring mental health in the workplace, made for Richmond Fellowship, using local actors and written and directed by Tracy Aston.

Amnesiacs Band Promotion

This is a promotional video for The Amnesiacs, a Liverpool based Ska Rap band. Shot in the basement of a disused club, it gave an grimy underworld vibe to the gritty, satirical lyrics.

Urban Strawberry Lunch

Urban Strawberry Lunch began making music on anything they could find after all of their musical instruments were destroyed in a fire at their rehearsal rooms. The group have gone from strength to strength since then, performing internationally, nationally and locally.

Summer Splash

Working with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's Summer Splash program and a host of local musicians, DJs, artists and children, a stunning performance was created and enjoyed by all, including the Lord Mayor.

As you can see we have worked on a range of community projects, contact us today to see how we can work with your community.